Finnish delegations chosen to the International Sessions of the EYP

By Matti Lötjönen • 6 maaliskuun, 2011

The Board of EYP Finland, following the guidelines and criteria of delegate selection, has selected the delegations to represent Finland in the International Sessions of the European Youth Parliament in 2011.

The Board has selected the delegations of Sammon keskuslukio and Gymnasiet Lärkan (delegation B) to take part in the 66th International Session in Athens, Greece, on 1–10 April 2010.

The members of the Sampo delegation are Mr Julius Itkonen, Ms Emma Mäki-Kala, Ms Ainolaura Oksman and Ms Heidi Sjöblom. The members of the Lärkan delegation are Mr Mathias Fontell, Ms Kira Kytölä, Ms Anna Piiroinen and Mr Axel Rydbeck.

The delegations A and B of Tikkurilan lukio and Ms Jenni Hakkarainen and Ms Tavga Zahir as individual delegates are to take part in the 68th International Session in Zagreb, Croatia, in Fall 2010.

The members of the Tikkurila delegation are Mr Martti Ahern, Mr Erasmus Häggblom, Mr Joonas Ilomäki, Mr Bruno Jacobsén, Ms Miriam Mulbah, Mr Ahti Murros, Mr Robert Suomi and Ms Millariia Wikman.

The Board wishes to congratulate all the delegations selected.