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European Youth Parliament Finland (EYP Finland) is a politically independent youth organisation. Our mission is to inspire and empower young Europeans to become open-minded and active citizens.

All activities of EYP Finland are organised by young people to young people. Our main events, called Sessions, are designated to simulate the European Parliament, giving youth the chance to express their opinions. EYP Finland is part of an international EYP network, spanning up to 40 countries.

European Youth Parliament is:

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As a member of EYP Finland, in addition to being able to participate in our Sessions, you can take part in our trainings and other events!
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  • EYP Finland hakee pääsihteeriä toistaiseksi voimassa olevaan työsuhteeseen elokuusta alkaen! Pääsihteeri on olennainen osa yhdistyksen hallintoa 🗂️, toiminnan suunnittelua 💡 ja hankekoordinointia 🤝. Tarjoamme haastavan ja vastuullisen roolin osana laajaa kansainvälistä verkostoa. 🌍 Lue lisää biosta! ☝️
*This job position requires fluent Finnish skills*
#rekry #rekrytointi #työpaikat #eypfinland
  • EYP Finland is happy to present the amazing trainers that are going to facilitate our annual Officials' training! 🎉 Jade Jimenez 🇫🇮 , Kajetan Rachwał 🇵🇱 and Kryštof Stupka 🇨🇿 are all EYPers with plenty of experience in EYP and we are confident that they will do their best to equip the trainees with valuable skills useful in EYP. 📸 🗯 📝 
We also want to remind you that the call for trainees is closing June 25 at 23:59 CEST. 🏃 Sign up for this amazing opportunity via bio! 🖋
  • You haven't missed that EYP Finland is calling for trainees, right?

EYP Finland is proud to present that our annual Officials' Training is going to take place in the city of Vaasa between the 19.–21.7. The training will be modular and the trainees can choose training modules for all 3 CMO roles. The aim of the training is to provide the participants with the essential tools, knowledge, and confidence to become an official at EYP events.

We are now looking for enthusiastic trainees, both Finnish and international, to help shape this event. Follow this link (…/officials-training-eyp-finlan…) in order to apply. If you for some reason cannot access the members platform you can send a message to

The participation fee for Finnish participants is 20€ (no fee for international participants) and it covers programme, accommodation, and food during the training.
The selection of participants will be made during the coming weeks and the chosen trainees will be contacted through email.
  • We wish to welcome you on a journey towards Tampere 2020 – National Session of EYP Finland! 🇫🇮💚 Our amazing volunteer Head Organisers Alex & Aarni will have more news soon, stay tuned... 📢 #TRENS20
  • Happy summer ☀️ While some of you might not be on a vacation yet, take a look at our year calendar anyways and find the events that interest you! Make sure to follow our social media to stay updated about them 😉

Remember to also sign up for the Summer Days of EYP Finland 😍 Registration closes in five days!

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