European Youth Parliament Finland (EYP Finland) is a politically independent and educational youth organisation. Our mission is to inspire and empower young Europeans to become open-minded and active citizens.

All activities of EYP Finland are organised by young people to young people. Our main events, called Sessions, are designated to simulate the European Parliament, giving youth the chance to express their opinions. EYP Finland is part of a international EYP network, spanning up to 40 countries.

EYP Finland in numbers

Participants from different countries

EYP Finland's events have participants from 34 different countries each year

Active volunteers

EYP Finland involves 165 young active volunteers

Schools involved

Almost 70 schools across Finland are involved in EYP Finland's activities


EYP Finland

The goal of EYP Finland is to increase youth awareness of Europe and provide opportunities for personal development.

Through our events, we aim to give youth the opportunity to discuss societal issues. Our largest projects include Active European Citizenship project, where hundreds of young people gather in Regional Sessions, as well as Youth's Europe project, where smaller parliamentary simulations are held at schools.

To reach its goals, EYP Finland cooperates, among others, with ministries, other Finnish youth organisations, and the international EYP network.

    Alexandra Salo


    Pauliina Siekkinen

    Vice-President for Human Resources

    Eeva Ferrer

    Vice-President for International Affairs

    Iida Salonurmi

    Board Member for Public Relations

    Niina Sipilä


    Oskari Olonen

    Board Member for Sessions Coordination

    Mira Engström

    Board Member for Internal Affairs and Regional Management

    You may contact the Board via email: or

    Tuomas Karvonen

    Secretary General

    Saara Moisio

    Project Coordinator for Nuorten Eurooppa

    Julia Sivén


    Nella Salminen

    Vice President

    Matilda Maula


    Elizaveta Bugrova

    Member Correspondent

    Ida Greta Aarum

    Event Organiser

    Rebecka Pimenoff

    Communications Officer

    Cléo Huotari


    Victor Lihr Sandal

    Deputy Member

    To get involved with EYP Uusimaa contact

    Niina Sipilä


    Maria Karimo

    Vice President

    Veera Vikman

    Event Organiser

    Mona Lehto

    Event Organiser

    Jinbo Wan


    Nea-Sofia Rikala

    Communications Officer

    The regional board of EYP Tampere handles regional affairs such as school tours, organising informal events and coordinating members of EYP Finland in Tampere. Our main focus so far has been on school tours of which our goal has been to reach 500 young people in the fall of 2022. To get involved with EYP Tampere contact



    Sessions are a few day lasting main events of EYP Finland that simulate the activities of the European Parliament. Sessions gather hundreds of young people between ages of 15 and 22 together to discuss and debate on current societal issues.

    In Sessions, you get to discuss topics in a small group and develop a Resolution from your solutions, which are debated and voted in the General Assembly. During Sessions you get to learn important teamwork and negotiation skills as well as improve your language skills while meeting new people.


    International EYP

    The BNC, or Board of National Committees, is a decision-making body, consisting of National Committees such as EYP Finland. It gathers in Berlin twice a year to decide on EYP policies on an international level.

    The participants of the BNC meeting represent their own National Committee. At other times, BNC discussion occurs through an email list. BNC Board, which is selected by the National Committees, administrates the BNC.

    On an international level, EYP is led by the GB, or Governing Body, which consists of international members. The mandate of each GB member lasts for two years.

    Governing Body elections are held every year and active members of EYP can vote in the elections. Each year half of the GB members are elected and half of them have already worked in GB the previous year.

    The International Office of EYP, located in Berlin, coordinates and supports the whole EYP network. It works under the Schwarzkopf Foundation.

    The staff helps organise International Sessions, supports National Committees, and does fundraising. The International Office employees consists of the Executive Director, Project Managers, Interns and Trainees.

    International Sessions are flagship events of the EYP network, held three times a year. The nine-day long Sessions gather around 300 participants. There have been over 80 International Sessions since the first one in 1988.

    Each National Committee can send a delegation to an International Session. EYP Finland chooses its delegations to International Sessions from its yearly National Session, and some individual Delegates are chosen through a Wildcard call.

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