Youth’s Europe


Deepen the youth's knowledge of EU!

Youth's Europe project is here! Invite an EU ambassador to your school by sending us an email:

As a part of Youth’s Europe project, you can invite an EU Ambassador to guide thought-provoking EU info days. Youth’s Europe project improves the youth’s knowledge of EU and encourages them to take part in societal discussion and decision-making in an innovative way. Youth’s Europe is a project of European Parliament Information Office in Finland, with EYP Finland being responsible for the execution.

During the info days, participants immerse themselves in decision-making of the European Parliament and form their own opinions on current EU issues. EU info days are free of charge and they are organised in upper secondary schools in Finland. The info days are guided by trained EU Ambassadors.

The info day consists of two parts. First, EU Ambassadors give an introduction to the basics of EU and the decision-making in the European Parliament. The core activity is a parliamentary simulation, where participants get to become MEPs and make decisions on current EU issues. The info day takes 70-90 minutes. You may also request a longer visit, where the duration can be negotiated.

The goal of the day is to help youth understand the ways topics can be influenced on an EU level. During the info days, the participants also get practical examples how EU affects people’s everyday lives. Additionally, the info days explore EU’s political aspects and ways how everyone can help steer EU’s future. Info days can be held in Finnish, Swedish or English both physically and remotely.

You can request an info day by sending us an email: In the email, please provide the name and location of your school, the length of the visit and possible dates & times for the visit. Info days are free of charge and they can be organised at any upper secondary school in Finland.