After the 18th National Session of EYP Finland in Tampere 2012

By Matti Lötjönen • 3 helmikuun, 2012









When you have Head Organisers like Pauliina Paloviita and Valpuri Kaarninen, you know the session is going to be good;Tampere 2012, the 18th National Session of EYP Finland was more than just good. Andris Šuvajevs (LV) did an excellent job as the Session President, and under his leadership, so did the whole chairs’ team.

There hasn’t been a Eurovillage at a Finnish session in a while. In Tampere, we had food from different parts of Finland, as well as from Germany, Estonia, Latvia and Switzerland.
Friends, food and different cultures – that is what one can call EYP Spirit.

Journalists also contributed to making the session unforgettable, especially with their videos. Ben English (IE) and Sophie Debrunner Hall (CH) led the team as Editors.

Finally, a session is nothing without delegates. The 100 Finnish delegates at the session had been selected to Tampere at the three Regional Sessions that were held in Raisio, Savonlinna and Helsinki in autumn 2011, and at the National Session, the board of EYP Finland again selected delegations to represent Finland at the International Sessions in Istanbul and Amsterdam.