A One of a Kind Winter Session

By Matti Lötjönen • 11 maaliskuun, 2013

Anna Pusa, one of our most active alumni, reminisces her experience at the European Youth Conference on Human Rights in Nuremberg. Read how she found her driving enthusiasm for the EYP.

It’s difficult not to swell with pride over the work we do in the EYP. This feeling is multiplied when looking at a certificate stating I have ”performed an act of European citizenship” by ”improving my language skills in controversial and challenging debates” and ”experiencing democratic decision-making processes in a parliamentary assembly”.

I gained the certificate in question from the European Youth Conference on Human Rights, which I participated in as a delegate last December. The unique session experience in the city of Nuremberg encouraged me to get more involved in this magnificent organisation and will keep filling me with warm memories.

Looking for Individual Participants

My interest in this particular session was born a long time before the conference took place. I found this session while looking through the list of upcoming events on the Alumni Portal (which is an excellent platform to keep you up to date on EYP affairs). It was essentially the name and the theme of the session that made me determined to apply. ”European Youth Conference on Human Rights” – and I was sold.

As all EYP sessions don’t look for individual delegates, I was happy to be informed by the organisers that this particular session would be looking for individual participants like myself. So when the call was finally opened, I naturally applied. In addition to following the session’s Facebook page, getting in touch with the organisers is a good way to get all the necessary information and updates.

A One of a Kind Experience

The time before the session it’s your responsibility as a delegate to study for your topic. For me this was a very interesting occupation as I was allocated to the Committee on Women’s rights and Gender Equality, whose mission was to discuss sex trafficking and prostitution within the EU. The commitment our Estonian chair showed her committee made the session experience seem more and more promising. And from the moment we all gathered for the first time in our FEMM circle of love at the beginning of teambuilding and throughout the session, the atmosphere was familiar and warm.

Revolving around all the traditional elements of an EYP session this one still managed to be something extraordinary. Maybe it was the castle-like hostel we were accommodated in and were most of the session took place. Or the snow-covered grounds that surrounded the venues combined with the Christmas atmosphere, which spread throughout the session. The General Assembly in Nuremberg City Hall surely played its part in creating the suitable ending. For me personally, it was the people and the community at the session that made the biggest impact.

The European Youth Conference on Human Rights felt like a one of a kind experience, even within the EYP. All I can do is encourage anyone lucky enough to be involved in the EYP to use this chance; Apply to sessions, get out to see Europe and meet new people. There is really no valid argument why you should deny yourself the fantastic experiences waiting for you.

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