Call for Organisers for EYP Finland’s Regional Session in Savonlinna 2014

By Matti Lötjönen • 30 kesäkuun, 2014

The call for organisers for EYP Finland’s Regional Session in Savonlinna is now open! As an organiser you get to make sure that the new delegates as well as other participants can have an amazing session experience in Eastern Finland.

There is no EYP session without organisers – they are vital for the success of the event. Being an organiser is also very different from the other session roles, which enables one to see the session from a whole new perspective. This is also why one often hears that everyone should experience an EYP session as an organiser, at least once. Becoming an organiser this autumn is also great practice for those who would like to join the Organising Team of Tampere 2015 – the 79th International Session of the European Youth Parliament.

A balanced and effective organising team consists of EYPers from different backgrounds and levels of experience. Whether you’ve seen several sessions as an organiser or you’re only dipping your toe into the world of organising, send us your application!

The Regional Session in Savonlinna is head organised by Sara Välimäki and Essi Hyvönen on 31.10.–2.11.2014. Organisers should arrive in Savonlinna already on 30.10.2014. The application form has been sent out via e-mail to all members of EYP Finland.