The Aftermath of EYE2016

By Matti Lötjönen • 28 toukokuun, 2016

As the delegation of EYP Finland to EYE 2016 departed from Strasbourg after an impactful weekend full of newly formed friendships, informative programme and, who knows, experiences that may define the path of our lives from now on, we all felt thankful for the possibility we were granted. For us the opportunity to take part to an innovative youth event hosted in the head quarters of the European Parliament truly represents the European Union’s initiative to increase the inclusivity of the youth in the European society. Our heads full of new ideas and inspirations we set on to continue our lives with all the memories from the European Youth Event 2016.

We asked our delegation to describe our time in Strasbourg with one word. Words that stood out for us were “blast”, “inspiring”, “unforgettable”, and “thought-provoking”. We truly did have a blast during this inspiring event. We were all more than content with the broad selection of different workshops and panels available for us, and everyone of us could find something truly interesting to see and to do during the course of the weekend. However, what made this event stand out were the people around us. All the youth from all around Europe under the same roof having constructive debates and fun together was truly something which re-emphasized the significance of the European values as a foundation for our modern-day Europe.

A member of our delegation found out that one of her workshops was held only in German and French. She was sitting in a room as the only person who didn’t speak neither of the languages, but after 2 minutes she had already made new friends. They took on the topic of youth radicalisation in Europe, a topic which is dividing Europe as we speak. Despite all the differences they were able to come up with a concrete proposal to the European Union on this matter. We feel that this little story represents all of our ordeals in our lives. Although, problems may occur, the history has shown that the nations of Europe are able to tackle them together in the spirit of unity.

European Youth Event 2016 might have come to an end, but us, the European Youth, will carry on the legacy of this event. We would like to thank all of our fellow delegates of European Youth Parliament Finland for making this trip such an amazing experience.

Yours truly,

Asta & Simo