RISE 2016 – 82nd International Session of EYP

By Matti Lötjönen • 11 syyskuun, 2016

EYP Finland’s delegation participated in 82nd International Session of European Youth Parliament, held in Saint-Malo and Rennes between the 14th and 23rd of July. I can surely say that none of us expected so much from 10 days. We already expected an amazing session because every session is one of a kind, and I have never been at a session that hasn’t given me more than I have given it. This session was the first international session for many of us and it showed us new aspects of EYP Sessions.

I interviewed one Finnish delegate, Markus Tiula, to find out about his experience at the International Session. This was his first International Session and he chose to be in French speaking committee because he used to be in a French school. Markus is 17 years old and currently lives in Northern Helsinki. Unfortunately, he won’t be attending more EYP sessions at the moment as he will be studying for the next two years at the United World College of Costa Rica, but it was nice to hear that his last EYP session for the foreseeable future was successful and pleasant.

His first impression after arriving in Saint-Malo was a bit of a surprised feeling with loads of positive expectations for the next days. He also felt that the atmosphere was professional but relaxed. During the first night we had possibility to attend some arranged programme. There were different workshops, for example about the Esperanto language, and the quite popular Twister.

Markus was most looking forward to quality debates and speeches in the GA, as well as seeing how the trilingual session works practically. He felt that the team of translators had worked pretty well and that their committee was content with the translation of their resolution. The other French speaking committee had small problems with the translation which might have slightly changed the meaning of their resolution. We both agreed however, that the simultaneous translating had been truly fluent, even though the translators were not professionals.

The Finns had a hard time on the hottest days and Markus said that the nearly 40 degree heat was exhausting at times but it is a part of summer sessions. The organisers thought of everything and every Chair had sun screen with them, so delegates could borrow it. We were also provided with loads of water, which was extremely important in that weather. Some Chairs also had after-sun lotion to help the poor people who got burned.

I asked if Markus was generally happy that he had gone to the International Summer Session, and he answered that it was absolutely the best session he has been to. He said that in a longer session you have more time to get to know people and for committee work. He also felt that his committee having very experienced members helped raise the level of the whole group. In his opinion the session also had more programme, which provided a chance to get to know the committee topic better and to meet new delegates. For example, the journalists held a carpool karaoke during the first General Assembly day.

If Markus could have changed one thing at the session, it would have been teambuilding. He wished that committees would have done more teambuilding with the other committees. I agree with him, because my committee CULT 1 played a game called “Cool cat” with ECON committee during teambuilding and it was grand.

Mirka Nieminen