EYP Finland’s Fall meeting 2020

City: Helsinki
Dates: 12.12 - 13.12.2020

Dear members,

Welcome to the Fall Meeting of European Youth Parliament Finland – EYP Finland ry on 12th December 2020, starting at 12.00. Participation requires a registration by 5th December 2020.

Place and time

The Fall Meeting is held in Allianssi-talo, Asemapäällikönkatu 1, 00520 Helsinki. Due to the coronavirus pandemic we request all members to participate remotely and come to the meeting venue only if remote participation is not possible for you.

The meeting starts on Saturday 12th December at 12.00 and is expected to last until 16.00. If there are still items on the agenda to go through by then, the meeting will continue the next day, 13th December 2020, at 12.00 until all items have been discussed. With this arrangement we avoid one long continuous meeting.

Meeting agenda

At the meeting:

  • Action plan and budget for 2021 are confirmed
  • Board for 2021 is elected
  • Auditors for 2021 are selected
  • Voting and election rules applied at the meeting are decided
  • Changes of the statutes are voted upon

You can find the meeting materials here. There you will also find candidates for Board 2021 that are updated if required and the proxy.


Participation at the meeting requires a registration by 5th December 2020. You can sign up here.


The meeting is open to all EYP Finland members. Every member, honorary president, and honorary member has one vote.

You can vote at the meeting only if you have paid the membership fee for the year 2020 or the lifetime fee. If you are unsure about the payment of the fee, please contact our Secretary General (info@eypfinland.org).

Member who is present at the meeting has the right to represent one (1) other member by proxy. The proxy are exceptionally requested to be sent electronically by email to info@eypfinland.org. The proxy needs to include the signatures of both parties. Scanned or electronic signatures are accepted. Please note that both the member who is present and the one presented by proxy need to be eligible for voting.


The meeting will be held in English but you are also welcome to make questions or comments in Finnish or Swedish.

If you require assistance with Zoom you can contact us: +358 44 970 7743 or info@eypfinland.org.

A warm welcome to the (remote) meeting!

Best regards, 
Board of EYP Finland