Welcome to the Regional Sessions!

European Youth Parliament Finland will organise its annual Regional Sessions for the sixth time in 2013. The sessions will take place in Kuopio, Turku, Tampere and Oulu in October and…


Resourcing Europe – Our Journey to the International World of EYP

As we found out that we were selected to go to the 72nd International Session of the EYP in Munich, probably every one of us was excited. Anyhow, by receiving lots and lots of e-mails one after another everyone also got a bit tired of the thought of having to do lots and lots of preparation for this session which seemed to be something a bit more than the regional and national sessions. When our plane took off, who would have known what we would experience during those next 10 days.


A One of a Kind Winter Session

Anna Pusa, one of our most active alumni, reminisces her experience at the European Youth Conference on Human Rights in Nuremberg. Read how she found her driving enthusiasm for the EYP.