School tour fall 2022

City: Finnish high schools and vocational schools
Dates: 04.11 - 04.11.2022

This fall we are visting upper secondary and vocational schools 5.9.2022 – 4.11.2022.

The regional sessions of European Youth Parliament Finland and by that our school tour is back!  During the school tour, students will learn about the multiple European Parliament simulations we organise annually. These simulations are mainly targeted at young people aged 16-20, and they provide a platform to discuss and debate current European issues. Two sessions are organized this Autumn; the first one in Tampere (4.-6.11.) and the second one in Salo (18.-20.11.).

The presentation of the school tour lasts approximately 20 minutes, but it can be shortened if needed (f.e. for recess). It is available in English, Finnish and Swedish, and can also be conducted via Zoom. This fall we will be offering the presentations from 5th of September until 4th of November. Our presentations are also available for other organisations and groups of 15 to 22 year olds. You can order a presentation by sending an email to

This spring teachers have the opportunity to send a delegation to represent your school or your students can sign up on their own in here.

European Youth Parliament Finland, EYP Finland ry, is a politically independent and educational youth organization. Our main cooperation partners and funders are the Ministries for Foreign Affairs & Education and Culture as well as the European Parliaments Liaison Office in Finland. Our mission is to inspire and empower young Europeans to become open-minded and active citizens. More information about our activities in the form of a video:  European Youth Parliament