Win a trip to Brussels!

City: Brussels, Belgium
Dates: 28.03 - 15.04.2019
Wish to travel to Brussels just before the EU elections? Wish to experience spring sunshine at the heart of Europe? Take part in Thistimeimvoting competition and win a trip to Brussels with EYP Finland on May 14! ☀️ The competition is open 28.3.-15.4.2019. 
Instructions (be awake now!):

🌍 Go to website

📌 Log in with your name and email address.

❗️ Copy your personal link that you will receive at the end of the login (links end with recruiter_id=xxxxxx). Share the link on social media and to your friends!

🙌 Be active: the winners of the competition are those two people, who recruit the biggest number of new registrations for Thistimeimvoting campaign! The winners will be checked after the competition is closed.

📅 The competition is running until 15/04. Send your personal link no later than the end of the competition by email to with a headline “I’d like to win a trip to Brussels!”

🏆 The winners of the competition win a trip to Brussels with EYP Finland on May 14!

In Brussels we participate in European Youth Seminar event on 14.5. More info: The competition is for 18 year-olds or older.