Bringing the EU closer to youth? Mobile game under development!


The European Union can sometimes be hard to understand and its action may seem immaterial. That is why we are developing Eurooppa-peli (Europe game) in cooperation with Nuorten akatemia! The game will be navigated by the school ambassadors of EYP Finland in autumn 2019 in schools around Finland.

Eurooppa-peli is an interactive mobile game created on It helps lower and upper secondary school students to understand the principles of the EU in a new and exciting way. The game walks students through current matters of the EU, such as Brexit, information operations, finances and youth-related issues such as voting ages and studying within the EU. The students will become familiar with the values, aims, practice and bodies of the European Union through different multiple choice questions or creative exercises the students can answer through audio, video, photos or text.

We are looking forward to finalising the game!