Travel to Brussels with EYP Finland!


EYP Finland will travel to Brussels just before the EU elections on May 14!  ✈️

The trip is organized as part of Thistimeimvoting -campaign. All EYP Finland participants will receive a reimbursement of travel costs up to approximately 270 euros. All other expenses are paid by the participant. We will welcome 17 participants and the seats are assigned on a first come, first serve basis. Join us and let’s go enjoy the spring sunshine! ☀️

There is also a competition: the two people who recruit the biggest number of new participants in Thistimeimvoting -campaign, will get full reimbursement of travel costs! The competition is open for all.

Conditions for participation in the trip:

  • You are 18 years old or older or
  • A parental permission if you are aged between 15 and 17 years old
  • Participation in Thistimeimvoting -campaign (instructions below)
  • Participation in European Youth Seminar at the European Parliament on May 15
  • Binding commitment by April 14. Registrations:

You can reserve and pay your trip yourself. In that case, you can communicate your reimbursement (approx. 270 €) in Brussels on May 14. However, please enroll by replying to this email. Only those enrolled with EYP Finland are entitled to the reimbursement.

You can also sign up for group travel. We aim to reserve a group trip from May 13 to May 15. We will also reserve a group accommodation. In case you participate in the group trip, your personal reimbursement (approx. 270 €) will be paid to EYP Finland and EYP Finland will charge any excess costs from you directly (flights and accommodation). Please inform us where you are interested in group trip. 

Cancellation policy: if you cancel your participation in the group trip after April 15, EYP Finland will charge you the full costs of travel and accommodation expenses. Only those who participate in European Youth Seminar are entitled to the reimbursement.



Competition instructions (be awake now!):

🌍 Go to website

📌 Log in with your name and email address.

‼️ Copy your personal link that you will receive at the end of the login (links end with recruiter_id=xxxxxx). Share the link on social media and to your friends!

🙌 Be active: the winners of the competition are those two people, who recruit the biggest number of new registrations for Thistimeimvoting campaign! The winners will be checked after the competition is closed.

📅 The competition is running until 15/04. Send your personal link no later than the end of the competition by email to with a headline “I’d like to win a trip to Brussels!”

🏆 The winners of the competition win a trip to Brussels with EYP Finland on May 14!